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Guest blog: Thalina Houghton, Allergies In Bold

Having the confidence to inject your EpiPen is one thing, but to stand tall knowing whatever your allergies may throw at you, you have what it takes inside to overcome it, is another.

 Thalina Houghton Tennis Sadie Bristow Foundation

Hi, I am Thalina Houghton, I am sixteen years old and (not so surprisingly) I have multiple allergies - I won’t bore you with the long list! My first reaction took place when I was around nine/ten years old, having a kickabout with a few mates and out of nowhere, these raised lumps formed on my arms followed by the typical anaphylaxis symptoms. Following this, I got the grand diagnosis and left the outpatients ward with an extensive list of allergies (and each year, it keeps growing)!

Despite the challenges it has presented, I am determined to not let it dictate and control my everyday life and hopefully inspire others to adopt the same attitude! After multiple reactions, I came to terms with the fact that no area or situation will be completely risk free. There will always be a fraction of risk. I soon switched my mindset from ‘what if I react?’ to ‘I know exactly what to do, if I do.’ It’s vital not to be consumed by your allergy - there will always be that element of risk but how you manage and adjust to that is so important.

To anyone who may be struggling or going through a rough time with their allergies, just remember to keep on going. Unfortunately, it isn’t a straightforward path and obstacles will undoubtedly fall onto your track but persevere and stick with it. It will get easier.

 Allergy statement

The challenges I faced stemmed from the worry of the unknown. With over half of my reactions being completely spontaneous, it was the not knowing when, that scared me. However, what helped, was knowing I wasn’t alone. Somebody out there has been or is going through the same as I am so why not be an example for somebody else, like they are to me.

 We can’t wrap a harness around everything we do, sometimes we need to take the leap. Additionally, we mustn't get so caught up in ‘survival’ and that we forget to actually live. Living with anaphylaxis has been a rollercoaster and my ride so far has been eventful to say the least but it’s helped me develop as a person in numerous ways and for that alone, I am grateful.

 I created ‘Allergies In Bold’ with the mission of raising more awareness and shining light on the side of anaphylaxis, not many talk about. Visit to join me in my journey whilst also sharing tips, advice and stories from fellow allergy sufferers, recommended allergy friendly brands (including Calvin’s Free From Foods - of course) and the founders behind them.

Additionally, subscribe to ‘Allergies In Bold’ on YouTube where I share educational and fun allergy animations!

 ‘Together, let's raise awareness for a condition that matters.’

Thalina Anaphylaxis safe bread 

Thank you Sabine for sharing this blog! Must say, I am running low on your coconut bread though ;) !


More about Allergies in Bold can be found on Thalina's website: