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The Ketogenic diet

What is the Ketogenic diet? The ketogenic diet (Keto diet) is a high fat low carb diet. The Ketogenic diet involves drastically reducing carbohydrates (to less than 20g per day) and instead replacing them with fat. This places your body into a state called ‘physiological ketosis’. This is different from the state the body can enter when diabetes is mismanaged which is called ‘ketoacidosis’ and is life threatening. In standard western diets the main source of fuel for the body and the brain is glucose from carbohydrates. The ketogenic diet uses fat as fuel for the body and the brain....

The Teal App

I would describe the Teal App as your allergy buddy on your phone.  The Teal App is Your Family's Personal Food Diary to Record Information as You or Your Child Progress throughout Your Food Allergic Journey. Last year, I met the inspiring power team Joey and Caron on Instagram, it started with me liking Joey's Oakley Red Sneakers post and we started chatting. Joey is based in the US and he himself has severe food allergies so he started a US based app called the EpiCenter to help others with their allergies. He introduced me to his UK based colleague Caron who is...

Ed Smith joins our coconutty team

We are delighted to welcome Ed Smith officially as part of our coconutty team. In November 2020, Ed joined us as investor and non-executive director of Saltire Coconuts Limited, which trades under the brand name ‘Calvin’s Free From Foods’. However, Ed has supported our coconut bread business for over 2 years with mentorship, advice and passionate taste tester. Ed is a Chartered Accountant and reformed banker with 24 years of experience at JP Morgan and then with global Food & Agri specialist Rabobank, including seven years working for them in The Netherlands where he held Global Head and CEO business...

Food Allergies, Intolerances & Coeliac Disease

  This blog has been written by our Nutritionist Cara Redpath to help understand and differentiate the different types of adverse food reactions: If a food causes you harm when you eat it, this is known as an adverse food reaction. Adverse food reactions can be split into three groups: Immune-mediated food allergy Food intolerance or sensitivity Coeliac disease Within these conditions there are subgroups of different reactions depending on whether the immune system is involved in the reaction. I have written this blog to help you understand the different types of adverse food reactions and explain how they work....

Highly Commended at British Bakers

I still cannot believe that in less than a week of being shortlisted at Food Matters Live, our humble Coconut Flat Bread Rolls received Highly Commended for Gluten Free category at Britain's Best Loaf Competition by British Bakers. This year the judging had to be held with social distance and the announcement of the winner was done virtually. However, it was smoothly done; there was great communication from the team, thus, it was clear how and when submit your breads and how the virtual competition is ran. I love this video, it is fantastic to see the judges in action and true...