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Double Gold for our Coconut Flat Breads

  I am completely over the moon after having won Gold twice Free From Food Awards for our Calvin's Original Coconut Flat Bread. We won the categories for Bread and the Best Product by a Start Up company which includes a year's mentoring by Tesco. When it was announced that we won, I just welled up with happy tears as it means so much to me. As an allergy mom, I originally created this product so my son could have a safe and nourishing bread to eat. When I found out that it could help others, too, I decided to put...

Free From Food Awards Finalists

Over the moon, that we made it into the finals at the Free From Food Awards for the categories that we entered our Coconut Flat Breads in: Bread and Start Up. This means a lot to our business and our mission but most of all to me as an allergy mom. Originally, I created our bread to have something tasty, healthy and nourishing to eat for our son Calvin when there was no safe bread out there for him. From there, I made it my mission to share our experience of optimum health through food with people, no matter what their...

Gluten Free Edinburgh review

Gluten Free Edinburgh kindly reviewed our Coconut Flat Breads and here is their verdict: “While the choice of gluten free bread in the shops is wide, finding some that tastes really good and natural, is not quite too easy. We’ve been trying out the Calvin’s gluten free breads over a few days to see how they stack up. They are like a cross between a flatbread and pitta, but are puffy and spongy. I found the best way to use them was to put my hand over the top and then slice with a sharp bread knife. I then packed...

The Ketogenic diet

What is the Ketogenic diet? The ketogenic diet (Keto diet) is a high fat low carb diet. The Ketogenic diet involves drastically reducing carbohydrates (to less than 20g per day) and instead replacing them with fat. This places your body into a state called ‘physiological ketosis’. This is different from the state the body can enter when diabetes is mismanaged which is called ‘ketoacidosis’ and is life threatening. In standard western diets the main source of fuel for the body and the brain is glucose from carbohydrates. The ketogenic diet uses fat as fuel for the body and the brain....

The Teal App

I would describe the Teal App as your allergy buddy on your phone.  The Teal App is Your Family's Personal Food Diary to Record Information as You or Your Child Progress throughout Your Food Allergic Journey. Last year, I met the inspiring power team Joey and Caron on Instagram, it started with me liking Joey's Oakley Red Sneakers post and we started chatting. Joey is based in the US and he himself has severe food allergies so he started a US based app called the EpiCenter to help others with their allergies. He introduced me to his UK based colleague Caron who is...