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Growing Team

As of February 2020, Cara Redpath has officially started as our consulting nutritionist. She is a fully qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist with expertise in paediatric nutrition and the developing immune system.     Cara consults both adults and children with a special interest in pain management, weigh management, autoimmune diseases and children’s health. Like myself, she believes in ‘vibrant health is possible for every family’.     I am so delighted to have Cara officially on-board because she has been part of our journey for over 4 years. She is experienced in helping families with allergies and has been of invaluable help to...

Big parcel

I have very exciting news: a big parcel has arrived 😉   Yes, you guessed right. The machine has arrived and it is beautiful and amazing. It was a very cold and blistery morning when it was delivered but watching it being set up and giving it its first clean and run made my heart warm! I think you can tell from my smile on my face. The next steps are getting all set up for our coconut bread production and then to move it into its actual place on the factory floor. Once it is there I will be...

Hurrah, we did it!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on our RBSBackHerBusiness CrowdFund! It has been an incredible 40 days on this Crowdfunding journey and having your support and kind comments on this way was just amazing.   You helped me reach our target of £10,000 and this also includes the £5,000 from RBS which I would have not received without the right numbers of donations and supporters. Every bit was vital and appreciated! The raised money will be used to get the production of our tasty Original Coconut Bread set up and market ready in our new home which is in a...

Ballet, Bodybuilding & Bread

I love bread, body building and ballet but most of all I love our bundle of joy Calvin.

Thank You Allergies!

  Gratitude to allergies? You might think what a bizarre thing to say and believe me if I could snap my fingers and the allergies would be gone...there is not much more I could wish for! However, we do everything we can and the allergies in our lives are simply the way they are and we have to accept them and live with them. They dramatically changed a lot in our lives, yet not necessarily to the worse. So, my following blogs will be about little examples how they make our lives better. They opened our eyes, we learnt a...