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Our Story

Our son Calvin was born with severe food allergies so to us every bite he eats matters. It has to be the best quality, nutritious and delicious.

Calvin’s story told by Calvin’s mummy Sabine:

Calvin was born as a happy healthy child but at the age of 3 months he started to get a very severe itching eczema. We went from doctor to doctor and always went home with no answer. Back then we did not know much about allergies but in hindsight Calvin was showing very clear signs of severe allergies: acute eczema, constant hick cups, no weight gain, unwell, bad blood circulation, swollen lymph nodes.

Calvin was solely breastfed, I fed like every 45 minutes 24/7 a day and he would not put on any weight. Still the GP was not concerned and said he is a happy child. Calvin had an itching rash all over his body, he tried to pull his gut out, he was really not happy. My friend recommended to me to cut out milk so I did but it did not help much. The ‘last’ doctor that we saw suggested to give him cow’s milk formula because he was not putting on weight. Naively, we did give it to him…Calvin almost died from one sip that he spat put. He instantly swell up. It took 5 medics to save his life and days in Intensive Care.


Once he came out of ICU, we were finally put on the waiting list but it still took 5 months to be seen by a specialist. It was so hard but we were so lucky. The doctor who looked after us in ICU put us on a path of elimination diet and coconut oil for Calvin’s skin, and whilst we were waiting to be seen by a specialist, we saw a nutritionist and herbalist who put us on a really good holistic path. It was tough, fortunately, Calvin was just 6 months so he could still have a lot of breast milk whilst I stopped eating almost everything and we only had boiled broccoli and chicken for weeks. But Calvin was getting better, his skin cleared up and he was happy and healthy. It was all worth it. Slowly, we could start reintroducing foods. The list of what he could not have became really long but the list of safe foods also became more varied and creative. We kept on finding more interesting foods than we never even knew existed. We learnt so much about nutrition and how foods can heal that this turned into a very exciting journey. So out of this, Calvin’s Good Foods was born.

Note: We are currently changing from Calvin's Good Foods to Calvin's Free From Foods.

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