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Gill's review:
"I discovered Calvin's Coconut Flatbreads at the Allergy and Free-From Show and cannot recommend  them enough. This is probably THE best product I've eaten since having to follow a gluten and dairy free diet for health reasons. Unlike other free-from products, Calvin's stay fresh and moist for days. At last, here is a product that does not crumble when you bite into it and thus you can put any filling into it and know it won't end up falling in bits into your lap. I cannot wait for these to be pounced on by a supermarket because I want these in my life every day. ;-)

Lisa's review:
"I seriously can not wait it's the best gf bread I have ever tried."

Tami Tal, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner:
"I first tasted Calvin's coconut flatbread in a Free From exhibition in London. I was so thrilled to find them! Being surrounded by so many "free from foods" that was the only product I could actually eat. Many free from breads are made with a lot of ingredients and processed in a way that is not always healthy. This coconut pita bread is made of very few ingredients, very high quality and caters for anyone on a no grain, no eggs and even vegan diet. I have tried making this kind of bread myself a few times with dire results! I am so grateful that Sabine has found the right recipe for this and I'll be happy to buy this product from them and recommend it to all my low carb, health seeking clients and friends!".

Susan Rennie - Coach The Sculpting Susan
I’m so happy to have found Calvin’s FreeFrom Coconut bread! As someone who is plant based with a recent gluten intolerance I’ve been looking for a tasty alternative to regular bread and this one does not disapoint!

It’s a lovely moist bread that I can use so many different ways. It’s filling and it toasts well after freezing. My children enjoy it too and I’m happy knowing they’re getting a healthy, nutritious meal or snack.

I’ve been recommending these breads to family and friends whether they’re health conscious or not but particularly to those whom I know have allergies to gluten and dairy. I’ll also be recommending these to my clients as it’s not often that a product can guarantee 100% allergen free at the factory stage. I just LOVE that the bread is made in an allergen free factory. Thank you for making this amazing product!



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