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Allergy Clinic

allergy clinic

We recently connected with Dr Apelles Econs from the Burghwood Clinic where he is the Medical Director and Registered Provider. Since 1992, Dr Econes specialised in allergy treatment and found that "simple dietary changes and safe methods of desensitisation were both more clinically and cost effective than medications used for common conditions such as chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, arthritis, eczema, asthma and many others"


 Allergy specialist Apelles Econes


Dr Apelles Econs sampled our Coconut Flat Bread Rolls and said "I was surprised with the soft texture and the flavour was nicer than expected." Dr Econs and his team are always looking for good and healthy food options to help their patients improve and maintain their chronic conditions and illnesses.

The main Burghwood Clinic can be found in central Ewell but the specialist team also offers consultations in London, Leeds and Oxford.

Their commitment is:

  • To investigate and identify dietary, environmental or nutritional factors relevant to your health problems.
  • To offer expert guidance and treatment in a responsible clinical set-up.
  • To ensure personal and patient orientated care.
  • To provide friendly and sympathetic support by our dedicated teams.
  • To evaluate our methods and constantly refine them to achieve the best results.

To find out more visit their website

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