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Support Your Immune System



Word from our nutritionist Cara Redpath:

Supporting Your Immune System

The current global health crisis has left many of us fearful and uncertain about the best way to navigate this new reality particularly when it comes to looking after our health and the health of our loved ones.

Supporting our immune systems has never been more important. I want to give you the tools to show your immune system a bit of extra love.

Think of your immune system as your body’s own private army ready to jump into action and remove anything it doesn’t recognise or that shouldn’t be there. It goes about this with two dedicated lines of defence. The first line of defence is the physical barrier that makes it harder for pathogens the nasties) to get into your systemic circulation. If, however pathogens do break through the first line of defence the second line of defence will kick in. this is cellular immunity and is made up of various immune cells and other inflammatory compounds that kill and destroy the invading pathogens.

Protecting your Lungs

COVID-19 is a virus that affects the respiratory system primary the lungs.

The nose contains its own air filtering system in the form of millions of tiny hairs that filter out larger pathogens.

If you are in a public space, close your mouth and breathe through your nose.

The lungs are lined with a mucosal lining which traps pathogen and keeps the underlying tissue healthy.

It is very important to keep the mucosal lining healthy.

Supporting your Immune System

There are no specific studies to show the efficacy of any specific compound against COVID-19. However, there is evidence that shows that the following supplementation is effective at reducing the likelihood of contracting similar viruses and did shorten the severity and duration of the virus if contracted.

Vitamin C

– There is currently a clinical trial underway in China using 24g of intravenous vitamin C to treat patients with COVID-19.

– This is an extremely high dose and should not be used outside a hospital setting.

– Vitamin C improves overall immunity and is antiviral.


– Zinc has effective antiviral properties and improves cellular immunity

– Works in partnership with vitamin C.

Vitamin D

– Vitamin D has immune regulating properties and is vital for optimal function of the immune system.

– The government recommends that we all supplement vitamin D through the winter months as our source is the sunlight which we are currently not getting much of.


– 80-90% of the immune system lies in the gut.

– Our coconut bread contains prebiotic fibre which supports the growth of good bacteria

Eat a wide variety of vegetables

– Eating a wide variety of plant-based foods increases the amount of vitamins, mineral and antioxidants in your diet all of which contribute to a healthy immune system.

Reduce sugar intake

– Sugar weakens the immune system by up to 70% for two hours after you consume it.

Reduce stress

– Stress releases cortisol which weakens the immune system.

– Reducing stress is much easier said than done, especially in the current climate.

– Alternate nostril breathing, hum happily (Studies show that humming helps increase airflow between the sinus and nasal cavities), listening to calming music, mindful stretching and speaking to loved ones on the phone have all been shown to reduce stress and anxiety.

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And remember to follow the government‘s and NHS‘s guidelines to keep yourself safe and well, please.


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