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How not to become a Junk Food Vegan

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Our very first mentioning in a book:

"Junk Food Vegan and How Not To Become One" by David Reavely.

As most encounters these days, I connected with David online by sharing the same passion for healthy eating. After David sampled our Coconut Flat Bread Rolls, he offered to share about them in his latest book. I am super excited about this and so proud because it is a fantastic read.

 healthy eating

David's reason for writing the book:

"Just when you thought that your everyday food shopping was fraught with a myriad of edible temptations around every corner, we now have a ‘new kid on the block’. Yes, the so-called plant-based food products seem to be everywhere we look, including fast food chains around the world. So, what’s the problem? ...Unfortunately, from a health perspective, the majority of these foods are made using refined carbs, sugars, unhealthy fats, processed soya, too much salt, and dubious additives. In other words, a recipe that increases our risk of succumbing to chronic diseases such as heart conditions, arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, and chronic fatigue syndrome. They’re also highly addictive! ...In essence, this book is my ‘guide post’ to help vegans navigate the sometimes convoluted route that can lead towards making healthy food choices, whilst avoiding the crossroads designed to tempt you towards the addictive and alluring vegan junk foods."

You can order it on Amazon (

Dave is also known as the Food Detective

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